Your Dog Might Affect Your Home Insurance Policy

When it comes to home insurance in CT, if you have a dog, it could make your policy a bit more interesting. Knowing how man’s best friend could have an impact is something you want to know before you start shopping.

Certain dogs are essentially frowned upon by many insurance companies, so you want to see if your breed is one of them. This is because the companies feel that certain types of dogs might present a larger chance of biting someone and becoming a liability.

Before bringing a new dog into your home, look into what you can do to essentially appease your insurance company. You also want to document everything, such as where you got the dog from, licensing and veterinary care.

It is important that you never avoid telling your insurance company about your dog. If they eventually find out, this could spell trouble for you. For example, if you are dishonest about your dog and you file a claim because they bite someone, you might be fully liable.

Now you know more about your dog and how he or she might affect your home insurance in CT. If you have further questions, it is important to consult with a professional so that you fully understand the impact of your pet on your policy.