Apartment rentals insurance in Champaign, Illinois

Will Renter’s Insurance Cover My Laptop?

Apartment rentals insurance in Champaign, Illinois can help you replace important electronics, including laptops, smart phones and more. Depending on your risk coverage, your policy can help you boot back up and resume texting, calling and posting ASAP.

Everyone’s Connected

There are always holdouts, but it seems that just about everybody is electronically connected these days. Whether it’s by smartphone, desktop or laptop, we all use technology to access the internet for email, social media, shopping and more.

So, what happens if your laptop is damaged or stolen? Can you afford to replace it, or would you have to suffer the pangs of withdrawal from everything “e” for a while? That depends on your renter’s insurance.

Actual Value or Replacement Cost

A typical policy for apartment rentals insurance in Champaign, Illinois generally covers devices stolen or damaged by fires and other events. The question is how much does it cover? You may save a little on coverage that would reimburse the cash value of the item, or you can pay a little more for a policy that would reimburse its replacement cost.

Discuss Your Options

Extra protection for a laptop may be available, but there may be limits to the payout amount no matter what coverage you choose. If you’re renting, it’s important that you meet with an insurance agent to discuss your options.