workers compensation insurance

Why It’s Important to Get Injured Employees Back to Work

It is important for every employee to understand how workers compensation insurance programs work. As an employer, it’s a good idea to explain the program to all new workers, along with your expectations for immediate reporting of an incident and medical attention. Ideally, you should include this information in an employee handbook and post it on the job as a reminder to all employees.

Returning to Work

According to the Workers Compensation Research Institute, it is important to help injured workers return to work, and the same employer, as soon as possible. Those who are away from the job for longer periods, and those who don’t return to the same employer are more likely to face difficulties with future jobs.

Communication is Critical

It is crucial for employers to communicate consistently with employees who are recovering from injuries he or she received at work. Employers need to make these workers feel that they are missed and that they are still part of a team. This, in turn, makes them more eager to return to work.

Accommodating the Worker

Workers compensation insurance programs can help evaluate the injured worker’s needs and suggest ways to accommodate any disabilities. It is also recommended that employers let injured workers know that the company will work to modify job demands to facilitate their return to work.