What Types of Coverage Do Golf Course Owners Need?

If you run a golf course or resort, there are specialized insurance coverages that you need to protect your business. This is where tee-to-green coverage comes into play. Golf coverage is for the inherent risks involved with the game of golf and running a golf course. Here are some of the most important coverages that you need to consider.

Property Coverage

Property damage can happen to anyone. As a business owner, you have to be prepared for anything. The type of property coverage that you choose will depend on the type of golf course that you run. Gold course property coverage may be for outdoor courses, inside surfaces and any other plant or tree associated with the course. Property insurance may cover criminal acts, flooding and even earthquakes.

Liability Coverage

Every business requires liability coverage, but the type of coverage that you purchase depends on the industry that you’re in. For example, when you have a golf course, you need specific policies that cover damages from an errant ball, professional liability for professional golfers and liability coverage for members.

Running a golf course can be a satisfying business venture. However, if you do not have adequate coverage, an accident could cost you your business. When you have specialized insurance options, you can breathe easier knowing that your company is safe.