Assisted Living Facilities

What to Know About Transportation and Assisted Living Facilities

To manage an assisted living facility, you are responsible for the patients in your care. Due to this, you have to take extra care when it comes to liability. The transportation of patients can often be a liability that you need to consider.

Here is what you need to know about how you should be handling assisted living transportation procedures.

Transportation Is Often for Medical Care

When it comes to transportation in nursing homes, most elderly patients require it for medical treatment. Assisted living facilities do not include all types of medical care. For instance, a nursing home may not have emergency care, surgical services, dialysis, and more. Due to this, the nursing home requires transportation to ferry the patients back and forth to appointments.  There are federal and state requirements in place to help prevent injuries and risks to patients and those transporting the patients. Nursing homes have to follow these standards.

Transportation Requires Liability Insurance

If you are transporting elderly residents, there are certain risks involved. Those who transport the elderly are responsible for the patients and if they sustain any injuries in the care of the transporters, the transport company and drivers may be responsible. This is why it’s crucial to have liability coverage, just in case an accident occurs.