General Liability Policy

What Does a General Liability Policy for Aviation Cover

A general liability policy may cover slip-and-falls inside an airplane hangar, but airplanes themselves are almost always excluded from coverage. Here is an explanation of the different types of aviation insurance.

Third Party Liability

This policy pays for anything an airplane damages by crashing into it. Some people call this type of insurance public liability, because it protects against claims from the general public.

Passenger Liability

If you carry passengers, then the law requires this policy. It protects you and your passengers financially in case anything goes wrong.

Ground Risk Hull Insurance

Two kinds of hull insurance cover the plane while it is on the ground. One policy covers damages natural disasters or other vehicles cause while the plane is not moving; the other covers incidents that occur while the plane is rolling.

In-Flight Insurance

In-flight insurance covers anything that goes wrong with an airplane either on the ground or in the air. Because it is so comprehensive, it is also the most expensive.

Few firms offer aviation general liability insurance or even insure an aircraft for damages, so it is important to find a company that underwrites policies to suit your needs. Ask your insurance agent what your policy covers and whether it will protect you from the possibility of financial disaster.