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Ways To Tell If An Insurance Company Is Legit Or Not

When you’re shopping around for insurance, there are so many choices and sometimes confusing lingo that it can seem overwhelming. To quickly sort legitimate insurance brokers from time-wasting scammers, how can you tell if an insurance company is legitimate or not?

Check Out The BBB

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is a great tool for finding out all the dirty details about a company. It lists everything from criminal convictions against a business to resolved and unresolved customer complaints.

Ask For Your Broker’s License Number

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can look up the license number of your insurance agent’s state certification to see if it’s real or not. If they’re shifty about giving you one, this can be a waving red flag; being licensed should be a point of pride within the company, not suspicion. Daniels Insurance is one business that proudly will state on its welcome page that all brokers are licensed by the state.

Pay Close Attention to the Website

It can be easy to quickly build a website and slap a logo on it to make it look reputable. However, because it is usually done in a hurry look carefully at the small details. What kind of contact information is there? Are things spelled correctly? Are the testimonials genuine-sounding or do they make you cringe with their obvious fakeness?

Listen to your gut as you decide who to give your business to. There are plenty of fantastic small-name insurance brokers but beware of the scammers out there too.