local SEO

Using SEO To Keep Your Agency in the Running

Many insurance companies have nationwide locations to serve consumers all around the country. As such, there are two ways to use Insurance Agency SEO strategies to draw consumers in and make sales. Let’s take a look at the general and local SEO methods so you can make sure your website is optimized efficiently to bring customers to your door.

General SEO

If your website can’t be found by consumers, then it’s not working for you. SEO makes use of targeted keyword research to use commonly searched phrases. Implementing these keywords into your web pages means your website can be ranked higher in searches. In turn, that leads clients to you.

Local SEO

Beyond general SEO, you may also want to have local SEO that is based on your location. People tend to search for insurance near them and you want your office closest to them to appear in their online search. To do that, you need to make sure your website content is also optimized based on your location. When that is done, your insurance agency and services are then put in front of consumers in your area.

Optimizing Your Website Takes Two

Putting your company and services in front of your target audience takes a two-step Insurance Agency SEO approach. Implementing both general and local SEO can help you bring in consumers and create more awareness for your brand, as shown by the research provided by agencytsunami.com.