Fiduciary Insurance

Using Insurance To Safeguard Your Jewelry

If you are fortunate enough to have a rare or extensive jewelry collection then you are likely aware of its value. Consider for a moment if you would be able to replace that jewelry if it were stolen or damaged. For many people, the answer is a resounding no. However, insuring your jewelry can help minimize risks and allow you to replace any pieces that fall victim to theft. Here’s how. 

Make a Detailed Inventory

Document exactly what is in your collection with a list and photos. This will help you to file reports or insurance claims if anything is stolen or damaged.

Get an Official Appraisal

In some cases you might be able to lookup values for specific pieces, However, antique or rare jewelry is best valued with a professional appraisal. Be sure to store these documents in a safe place separate from the jewelry in question. 

Store Jewelry Safely

Even if you have a great insurance policy, you still probably don’t want to face a loss of your jewelry. Safe storage techniques can minimize the risk to your collection. Using a good-quality safe provides protection from theft and fire damage. Security cameras and an alarm add extra layers of protection.

By learning how to insure jewelry, you have taken the first step in protecting it. Now you can work with your agent to find a policy that covers your collection.