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US Risk; Think Big When It Comes to Loss Protection

Whether you own a small business or operate a nationally recognized franchise, business insurance is a wise investment. While some may live dangerously and reject insurance coverage, many lenders will require a certain amount of coverage before issuing financial backing for your business. With US Agencies insurance, you can find the right amount of commercial coverage for your venture.

General Coverage Areas

Businesses will often carry a form of general liability insurance, which typically includes claims related to

Property Damage
Accident Liability

These areas do not address the numerous risks and exposure your company might face, and additional purchases or inclusions should be considered. Commercial auto offers liability protection for company-owned vehicles but hired and non-owned liability coverage will offer limited protection for employee vehicles, rentals, or hired cars used for company purposes.

At US Agencies Insurance, you can also find a policy to address healthcare and employee benefits. According to federal law, some of these areas have required components, and a knowledgeable agent will be able to assess what policy you will need to remain compliant.

Carrying commercial insurance should include more than a general liability if you are looking to make the most proactive investment against loss. Consider concerns of errors and omissions, equipment breakdown, business interruption, and even areas of professional liability when meeting with your agent.