PEO insurance

Unique Indemnity Solutions for PEO Firms

You provide valuable human resource and employee management solutions to your clients. You need PEO insurance that’s just as sophisticated and comprehensive to answer the multiple lines of liability your firm incurs while doing business. This necessitates a complex insurance package built with indemnity products that collectively address your company’s risk management picture.

Support for Your Operations

As a firm offering PEO solutions, your employees might provide on-site services or act as authorized agents on your clients’ behalf from off-site. Managing benefits plans, payroll and other aspects of the PEO-client relationship involve critical tasks and trust invested in you by your customers. PEO insurance becomes a critical piece of your operations to handle claims arising from negligence, mistakes, data breaches, accidents and more.

Because no two professional employer organization’s indemnity needs are alike, your staffing insurance agent must recommend a custom-built package. In addition to general liability, your solution may include components such as:

  • Fiduciary responsibility coverage
  • Cyber liability and security
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Abusive acts coverage
  • Umbrella liability

Protection Provides a Promising Future

Your PEO insurance package should help secure your company’s future by safeguarding your interests as well as those of your client base. It’s wise to trust an insurance company that specifically focuses on creating robust, intricate protection options for the staffing industry. You need such expertise, products, and wisdom at your disposal to keep your firm resilient and ready to handle the challenges ahead.