E&O Insurance

Understanding What Professional EO Coverage Is

Having errors and omissions coverage, also known as e&o insurance, is important for a variety of businesses. If you don’t have it already, learn more about why you should, and how it can help you.

Protect You in Case of an Accident

Even if you pride yourself on doing your best and not making mistakes, problems are bound to occur at some point, even if you didn’t plan on them. Having e&o insurance can protect you in case an accident happens and the client you are performing work for has an issue. This can help you in the event you are sued as well.

Insurance Coverage Can Help People of Varying Professions

Many different professions can benefit from having e&o coverage. This includes lawyers, accountants, health care professionals, and real estate agents, to name a few. No matter what type of profession you are in, it is important to protect yourself in case something happens beyond your control while you are on the job.

Having e&o coverage can help you in a variety of different industries and positions. It can protect you in case a mistake or accident occurs on the job, and help you avoid taking a loss if you are sued because of the accident.