US Insurance

Understanding Liability

If you sit down with an insurance agent, you will hear the term liability mentioned over and over. Although you might understand this word in a legal context, you might not know what it actually means to your policy. At US Insurance, there are many coverage options for your needs, each having a unique liability association. Knowing your liabilities helps you know how to insure your property or belongings.

Housing Liability

When you own a home and piece of property, there is always a chance that someone could get injured while visiting. Whether by invite or trespassing, a personal injury claim is a liability associated with homeownership.

Covering the cost of medical attention and damages is generally a part of a quality insurance plan.

Automobile Liability

Car accidents are terrible situations for both drivers and all involved. The potential for bodily harm or death is significant, depending on the severity of the accident. In addition to vehicle damages, property damage can also occur. These are all liability situations that require the coverage of a comprehensive auto policy.

Commercial Liability

The commercial areas of liability include both property damage, employee injury, commercial auto and customer incidents with products, accidents or fraud. US Insurance carries a wide range of policies that can address each of these areas, as well as any residential needs for clients.