non owned automobile insurance

Tips To Lower Your Staffing Firm’s Non Owned Automobile Risks

Staffing firms working with clients who have their employees drive company vehicles, rental cars or their personal vehicle while working need a non owned automobile insurance policy. To lower your premium costs, use these tips to lower your risk.


The employee driving the non-owned vehicle should have a clean driving record and a valid driver’s license. Prohibit employees with a bad driving record from operating client’s vehicles. Reward safe drivers to foster a safer driving environment.


Standard driving rules should always be in place and followed. No alcohol or drugs should ever be allowed in the vehicle. Ban the use of cell phones in the vehicle as distracted driving causes numerous accidents each year. All employees should wear their seat belts regardless of the distance traveled in the vehicle. While these rules may seem redundant, it is always a good idea to make them clear to the employees.


Advise employees to treat the non owned auto as if it was their own. They should secure and lock the vehicle every time they leave the auto. Obeying the speed limit, avoiding aggressive driving and signaling lane changes help them avoid tickets and drive safer.
Safe drivers who practice defensive driving on a regular basis can help lower the risks faced by the staffing firm. When they do get in an accident, non owned automobile insurance is there to protect them and the business.