nursing homes workers’ compensation plans

Tips for Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims for Nursing Homes

Workers who care for the elderly experience a lot of physical stress during their workday that can easily lead to on-the-job injuries. Insurance brokers and the wholesale companies that underwrite nursing homes workers’ compensation plans have a vested interest in reducing the number of claims that each facility they insure makes. The nursing homes also benefit with lower premiums and skilled employees who are able to remain at work. With the high physical demands of the job, however, how can these facilities reduce their number of workers’ comp claims?

Proper training is crucial. Nurses must be able to lift patients and know how to do so safely. Regular review of safety procedures can keep spinal health in the forefront of workers’ minds. When injuries do occur, nursing homes workers’ compensation plans that include return-to-work programs can reduce the cost of claims. Transitional duties may be assigned that are less strenuous while the worker heals. Finally, documenting every accident in a timely manner can protect management from a later claim of unrelated injury or, if a medical professional discovers the injury is related to the accident, can help expedite the claims process efficiently. When you manage a nursing home, many injuries can be avoided, but even the ones that do occur don’t have to result in costly claims.