Tips for Recognizing a Data Breach

A cyber attack can have a devastating impact on a business’ operations. The initial signs of an attack may be somewhat subtle, but they may grow increasingly apparent over time. Here are a few examples of early indications that a business has suffered a data breach.

Trouble Loading Programs

The functionality of the software that a business uses in its day-to-day activities may be compromised. If a program appears to run an extra executable file in the command prompt when it opens, a cyber criminal may have infiltrated a company’s network.

Changes in Storage Capacity

A sudden spike in the data that a business is storing or producing could signify that a third-party or malware program is replicating files or attaching itself to multiple programs. If the origin of new files or programs are not readily apparent, a breach may be underway.

User Authorization Problems

When people log into a network and they are no longer able to access the files or programs that they usually can, somebody may have altered user permissions. A cyber criminal may change permissions so that he or she is the only person who can make changes to a network.

Companies need to be proactive about recognizing and reacting to a breach. Early detection may be instrumental in mitigating the extent of the harm caused by an attack.