parade insurance

Tips for Organizing a Parade

Parades are a popular form of entertainment meant to celebrate holidays, accomplishments and other special occasions. With the crowd, live performances and surrounding festivals, there is typically plenty to see and do for each member of the family. However, while a spectator can fully enjoy the festivities, those organizing it and running it from behind the scenes must look at the production from a different perspective. Keeping performances sorted, ensuring the safety of the audience and talent and researching parade insurance to cover any unforeseen incidents are just some things that must be considered. Before your next parade, make sure that you pay special attention to the important details to make sure everyone is safe and can have a good time.

Checklist Before the Event

When putting together a parade, make sure the main components are squared away. Some of these include:

  • Mechanically-operated floats and devices
  • Any permits and contracts
  • Liability for fireworks
  • Coverage for participants and performers
  • Food safety

How Insurance Helps

It can be very helpful to find an insurance plan specifically crafted to meet the needs of parade organizers. Those in the business understand the unique exposures that exist for both preparation and the actual time of the event. Speak to a qualified representative to help identify any other needs and give you a tailored parade insurance plan that can ease worries and make it easier to focus on the event itself.