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Three Signs To Look For in an Assisted Living Facility

The idea of sending someone you love to an assisted living facility is a tremendously difficult one to process, but there comes a time in the lives of some people that this is a possibility. If Mom or Dad are no longer able to take care of themselves and you’re researching places nearby, ensure that the facility is a reputable one.

1. It Is Insured

Assisted living insurance is a staple for any premises that care for the elderly, so ask specific questions when you tour. What is included in the policy? What is not covered? See what Caitling Morgan Insurance has to say on the topic if you are looking for more information.

2. The Staff Is Reliable

High turnover is an unfortunate reality in this line of work, but a place that is able to hang onto good workers is likely well-run behind the scenes too. Ask about the longevity of caregivers, nurses and even receptionists to get a feel for who will be a familiar face for your parent.

3. It Is Clean

When you walk into a place that smells like bodily fluid and has sticky floors, this is an instant red flag. Avoid places that are not clean and seem to take no pride in the way that the building looks.

Knowing what makes a good facility versus a poor one can help you when it’s time to make decisions for a loved one. It’s a hard enough choice to make on its own, but finding a proper home is almost as tough.