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Three Exciting Trends in the Biotech Industry

There are some exciting technological advances in the biotech industry this year. Insurance for biotech companies protects those companies embarking on new discoveries. The outlook for the industry is positive.

Miniaturized Bioreactors

Creating miniaturized allows companies to understand how a chemical engineering plant functions before spending billions of dollars to build the actual plant. These microscale models give companies an accurate reflection to understand how the large facility will operate including associated costs.

Bionic Organisms

Improving the functionality of living systems or humans is the main function of bionic organisms. These inorganic components create modern cyborgs not so far removed from those in science fiction. Robotic prostheses allow humans to continue to use their limbs to move around. Cochlear implants have improved over the years to allow humans to hear. Microchipping is popular among pet owners. The insurance leaders at moody understand the product liability inherent in these products.

Genome Editing

The universal application of CRISPR allows scientists to edit the genome of a variety of cells from microorganisms to food crops. Cas technology continues to grow allowing scientists to manipulate DNA and more recently RNA.
With the sensitive nature of the industry, insurance for biotech companies protects the financial assets while the scientists discover, research and experiment to improve the quality of life for humans. The coming years should see more discoveries and uses for these technologies from cancer research to prostheses.