These Signs May Mean You’ve Suffered a Data Breach

Computers revolutionized the way people do business. They make it possible to share data with co-workers, customers and vendors. Unfortunately, your data can also be accessible to outsiders. No matter how strong your passwords or how good your cybersecurity is, a data breach is always a possibility. Be vigilant and know the signs that your data may be compromised.

Your Internet Speed Slows

A significantly slower internet connection is one of the first signs of data breaches. If unauthorized users have managed to log into your account, they can download and upload files that will cause the slowdown.

Unrecognized Files and Emails

If you discover files in your business’s database that are unfamiliar or emails in your sent box that you did not write, this is a definite sign of a data breach and should be investigated immediately.

Unusual Logins

You may notice logins coming from unrecognized locations. You will usually receive an email that this type of login has occurred. Pay heed to it and get to the bottom of the situation. This is a common sign of data breaches.

Account Lockouts

Forgetting a password and being locked out of an account will happen from time to time but if it is a frequent occurrence, it could be a hacker who is resetting your password. Investigate it right away.

Even the most secure computer system is vulnerable to a data breach. Know the signs and be on the lookout for them constantly.