Boat Repair Business

The Right Information Can Protect Your Boat Repair Business

In the marine repair business, your clients rely on you for quality service. Unfortunately, when it comes to repair work, sometimes, misinformation or miscommunication can cause a lot of problems between boat repairers and their clients. This is especially true when it comes to the boat’s ventilation system.

How much does your client know about his or her boat and how to care for it properly? There are two things you need to do when it comes to protecting your business.

Tell Your Clients About Ventilation

A lot of the time, one of the biggest culprits of bad ventilation is a dirty or clogged screen. It’s crucial that you tell your client the boat fuel vent location so that he or she can prevent any clogs. The screen needs to be cleaned of dirt, debris and insects on a regular basis.

Protect Yourself Against Lawsuits

What if you did make a mistake? What if the client alleges that you made a mistake when installing the vent and hence damaged the boat? For instance, if you installed a fuel vent too low and water keeps getting into it, this could be a major problem. You need insurance coverage to protect you, whether the mistakes are allegations or true.

When repairing boats, you do your best to help your clients. When something goes wrong, however, you need to mitigate the risk as much as possible.