The Importance of Non-Owned Trailer Insurance

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As a trucker or owner-operator, you probably use a trailer you do not own often in daily operations. Should this trailer get damaged, however, you could have a problem unless you have the right insurance coverage. Even if your cab has adequate insurance, purchasing non-owned trailer insurance will protect your assets.

Basics of Non-Owned Trailer Insurance

This type of policy covers physical damage to a trailer you do not own, as long as there is no written agreement in place between you and the trailer’s owner. In addition, the trailer must be attached to an insured cab unit for coverage to be valid. Generally, these types of policies include a specific coverage amount and deductible.

Why This Coverage Matters

Life is unpredictable. For example, should an unknown mechanical problem cause your insured cab to catch on fire, any physical damage done to an attached trailer you do not own will be covered. This type of coverage safeguards your business from going under in the wake of random events.

In addition to protecting your assets, non-owned trailer insurance helps you build a reputation as a responsible professional. Clients want their trailers insured, and when they see you carry coverage, they are more likely to work with you now and perhaps in the future.

Non-owned trailer coverage is an investment in the success of your business now and in years to come. This protection lets you focus on doing your job well without worry.