Professional Liability Insurance

The Essentials All Lawyers Should Know About Having Professional Liability Insurance

As a professional attorney, you deal with complicated cases and highly sensitive information all day long. While you already understand the great importance of maintaining client privacy and safeguarding information, you might not know the reasons for getting lawyers professional liability insurance. However, in today’s unpredictable legal world, it’s best to protect yourself professionally just in case.

Explore Different Insurance Types To Find the One Best Suited to Your Firm or Specialty

Not all areas of law practice are alike, so the specific type of liability insurance you’ll need could come down to what you do on a daily basis and your firm’s specific policy needs. However, there are some types all lawyers should consider, especially:

  • Prior acts insurance
  • E&O, or errors and omissions insurance

Your Professional Setting Could Make a Difference

Whether you run your own company, work for a firm or are employed by a small business or a large corporation could make a difference in selecting your policy. For example, larger firms may be able to secure higher policy limits.

Whichever type of law you practice, you probably deal with various types of sensitive cases and private data on a regular basis. In order to give yourself both financial and legal coverage in case there’s a claim against you or your firm, it’s best to find a strong lawyers professional liability insurance policy.