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The Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance

As a nurse, your employer is not necessarily responsible if a patient files a lawsuit against you. However, a nursing service organization can provide professional liability insurance that will protect you in the event of a malpractice lawsuit and prevent you from losing your personal assets in court.

Why Do You Need Insurance?

In the past, it was typical for a malpractice lawsuit to be directed at the medical doctor who took the lead on the patient’s care. Now, it is becoming more common for lawsuits to be filed directly against the nurses. The hospital or facility you work for may provide limited insurance coverage, but the company is not responsible for covering lawsuits filed against the Board of Nursing. There are also other examples that require personal insurance, including the following:

  • Nurses who have graduated from nursing school and are eligible for a job in their state, but still do not have a nursing license
  • Nurses in training to become Nurse Practitioners who are completing clinical work
  • Nurses who are performing their clinical rotations

By covering yourself with personal liability insurance through a nursing service organization, you can have the confidence to complete your training and take care of patients without the added stress of a potential lawsuit ruining your career.