Store Advantage Program

The Benefits of IWA’s C-Store Advantage Program

A convenience store operator has to be conscientious about mitigating ever-present risk exposure. Safety, security, and potential losses or liability are all matters of practical and proactive concern. IWA offers a program specifically geared towards Convenience Stores that are commensurate with their most significant risk exposure.

Fundamental Coverage

Insurance for convenience stores need to include several important elements:

  •       General liability
  •       Property
  •       Equipment breakdown
  •       Business interruption
  •       Worker’s compensation
  •       Liquor liability
  •       Crime
  •       Umbrella
  •       Business Auto

Program Eligibility

IWA’s C-Store Advantage Program serves clients who operate one convenience store or an entire chain of stores. However, they need to meet some basic criteria to qualify for participation in the program:

  •       A low or moderate claims history
  •       Gasoline sales account for less than ninety percent of a store’s income
  •       Liquor sales account for less than the third percent of a store’s income
  •       The business must have operating hours and cannot be open twenty-four hours a day

An insurance program tailored to offer convenience stores gives them affordable access to the most well-reputed carriers serving the marketplace for retail establishments. Review IWA’s C-Store Advantage program application and reach out to a knowledgeable representative for more information about how this dynamic program can provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective coverage to meet your business’ needs.