Temporary staffing insurance

The Appealing World of Contract Work

The flexibility that can accompany temporary work is appealing to millions. Getting your foot in the door at a company is a helpful step often provided by a staffing agency. But with this coordination and placement on behalf of a staffing group, the group is also opening up their business and its employees to a myriad of external conditions, mostly good, but possibly bad. Temporary staffing insurance is a necessity for any sized staffing group, large or small.

Employing Millions While Protecting Your Agency

Over the course of a year, staffing agencies in the United States hire over 16 million employees for contract or temporary work. With such a large body of employees, risk management should be a budgetary concern for any agency. With an ever-changing landscape of the American workforce, contract employees also expect more from their staffing agency. When the unfortunate strikes, it is important to remember that temporary staffing insurance is in place to reduce the stress felt by the company help relieve potential monetary and legal responsibility.

Finding the Right Portfolio Fit

Different insurance policies should be customized to fit all of the varying employment needs of your staffing agency. Individual policies should have separate limits and deductibles that cover everything from workplace torts to broadened claims. Regardless of the size of a workforce solutions group, or the level of situational risk into which that group places employees, temporary staffing insurance will provide your organization the peace of mind it deserves.