occupational accident insurance

The 3 Reasons Why Workers Compensation May Not Be Enough for an Employer

Accidents and injuries related to workplace hazards can result in problems issuing families or hired workers the compensation or benefits they require. Learn why some employers choose occupational accident coverage to complete their workers compensation benefits.

1. Benefits May Be Provided to Non-Employees

Many industries such as the trucking industry, hire outside of their own company. These workers would typically not be covered by a company’s workers compensation unless directly employed. For this reason, occupational accident insurance can provide job-related accident coverage to non-employees if the employer decides to offer this incentive.

2. Employers May Wish to Assume Partial Responsibility

If an employee becomes direly injured or killed in a work-related accident, an employer may wish to take on a more responsible and personal standing with the incident. This is normally dictated by state jurisdiction before approved and the employer may be required to purchase supplementary occupational accident coverage.

3. Monopolistic States Place Limitations on Workers Compensation

Some states have restrictions or limitation on the amount of funding offered in their compulsory workers compensation funds. This may require the employer to pay for excessive damages themselves or offer families of the workers additional benefits from an occupational accident insurance.