Texas workers comp insurance

Steps to Take After a Workplace Accident

After an injury at work, it is paramount to take care of the employee. Everything related to the company’s Texas workers comp insurance claim can be handled later, but it is vital to follow these steps first.

Take Injured Party to Hospital

First and foremost, the employee needs to see a doctor. Even if the injury does not seem that severe, it is good to get the accident on record. If nothing else, a doctor’s visit will provide the employee with peace of mind, and the company should cover all expenses incurred from this visit.

Secure Scene

After the employee is moved away from where the accident took place, the employer should tape off the area. This is particularly important if the accident involved chemicals or machinery.

Fill Out Proper Paperwork

The employer needs to fill out an incident report with Human Resources to document the incident. This paperwork should then go off to the insurance agency so that professionals can process it and get the ball rolling.

It is important for employers to recognize that accidents can happen at anytime, anywhere. Even companies that would appear to be relatively safe can still have an accident occur. No matter what, it is important for all businesses to have a Texas workers comp insurance policy.