Property insurance programs

Specialized Insurance for Vacation Homes

A vacation home may be one of the most significant investments a person makes other than their primary residence. It can be a well-earned escape from the hectic pace of daily life. However, these retreats may have particular policy needs. Property insurance programs in Florida offer coverage specifically for seasonal or vacation homes.

Named Perils Coverage

Insurers typically offer specialized policies for seasonal residences. A predominant factor for coverage can depend on the location of the property; if it’s along the coast, there may be different considerations and perils than if it is located at the edge of a swamp. A basic vacation home product may cover the structure, but not its contents. Supplemental plans can be added to boost coverage to meet specific needs. For example, if the family retreat is near or at the water’s edge, insurance may cover damage to or liability for, small watercraft and boats.

Empty Home Insurance Solutions

If the secondary residence is unoccupied for more than 60 days, it may be considered vacant. An uninhabited house is deemed to be a higher risk for theft, vandalism and weather-related perils than one that is occupied full-time. Homes that are left empty for weeks at a time could void standard homeowner’s coverage.

Property insurance programs in Florida can meet the needs of a wide range of circumstances. Experienced brokers can help build a solution for your clients that is affordable and appropriate for their individual needs.