yacht builders insurance wholesalers

Save Your Small Business Money with an Insurance Wholesaler

Ensuring your marine vessel business stays afloat in the event of a disaster requires a comprehensive insurance plan. However, if your business is small, the cost of having the coverage you need might be too much. Save money by using yacht builders insurance wholesalers and get discounts often offered to the big guys. Protect your small marine vessel building business at a cost you can afford.

Wholesaler Difference

A wholesale insurance company uses brokers and agents. Often they work as both retailers and wholesalers catering to the unique situations as they present themselves. They are valuable for small companies often under ten employees who need customized coverage with discounted rates. Some key differences between a wholesale broker and retail one include:

  • Have direct contact with insured
  • Often have specialized expertise in specific lines of coverage
  • Offer pricing flexibility

Investment Protection

Yacht builders insurance wholesalers help protect your business, but do your research on the company. The insurance company should be financially sound. The wholesaler could be part of a larger corporation such as a financial services company. Your agent or broker should take a similar interest in your business that you have. Knowing how your business runs helps them tailor a policy plan that works best for you both in cost and coverage.