Safe Workplaces Can Save You on Insurance Costs Every Year

Safe Workplaces Can Save You on Insurance Costs Every Year

When it comes to your insurance, you don’t want to skimp, because it’s the resource you count on as a hedge against many of the foreseeable risks of running a business. At the same time, though, insurance can be expensive, and in risky lines of business, it gets more expensive. One of the best ways to control your bottom line without compromising on coverage is to work with your insurer to cultivate habits that will help them assess your company as a lower risk when you renew your policies. You can’t avoid every accident, but you can build an environment where risk is minimized, and your next insurance quote from or another business insurer will reflect it if you do.

Top Ways To Reduce Risk on the Floor

If you’re looking for easy things you can do to create a culture of safety, consider these options. They can all be handled with inexpensive investments in resources or the right cross-training among your employees.

  • Teaching safe lifting techniques
  • Providing the right PPE for every role and training workers to use it
  • Advising workers about repetitive stress and how to avoid injury from it
  • Ergonomic office furniture for sedentary jobs

Your workforce is a resource that gets more powerful the more experience it has, so cultivating an environment of safety and trust does more than just help lower insurance costs. It can also help you retain the employees that mature into your powerhouse players by keeping them safe and helping them feel supported in their success.