Rules That Keep You and Long-Haul Truckers Safe

No matter where you drive, you may find a large rig and commercial truck driver right next to you on the open road. Transporting food, goods, vehicles, and equipment over the freeways all over the United States, these busy drivers are constantly pushed to their limits by traffic jams and busy schedules. Did you know there are rules and regulations in place for truck drivers that keep you safe?

The Road Rules

Truck drivers are a hearty bunch, and most can find themselves tired at the end of a long run. That is because a driver is allowed to work 60 hours during a seven-day week, but they must then take a 34-hour break. Experts at also note that truckers can only drive for 11 of 14 hours a day, after which he or she must then take a 10-hour rest. These are called duty and work periods and are strictly enforced, with few exceptions.

The Legal Exceptions

When a driver finds himself or herself in unsafe conditions and near the end of their 14-hour driving shift, they can drive for two additional hours to reach a safe place to pull off the road or out of traffic in order to rest.
How long a truck driver can safely drive is an important consideration when traveling next to the giant rigs on the road. It is good to know there are rules that keep you and the long-haul truckers safe.