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Reducing Your Dog Bite Liabilities

The most common non-medical problem that dog owners may face is aggressive behavior by their pets towards other people or animals. Certain breeds are famous for aggressiveness or assertiveness in their behavior. Dogs can also be influenced by the temperament of their owners as well. Larger dogs can be more imposing and can sometimes inflict greater damage.

The issue of dogs biting or hurting people is a very real concern. Often the dogs involved in attacks or confrontations tend to be family pets, and more than two-thirds of dog bites actually happen to people who are acquainted with the animal. More than half of dog bites occur to very young or very old people and nearly half of all bites to children occur on or around areas of the face. Having dog liability insurance will aid owners when there is an incident involving their pet.

Socialization key to behavior modification

At an early age puppies develop bonds and sensitivity to the people and animals in their lives. If a puppy is not exposed to positive interaction with dogs during this period they may not grow up with the skills necessary to interact properly with other dogs. They also need to be exposed to people in a positive way during this period in order to be comfortable around other people.

If the socialization process is delayed until a puppy is twelve weeks or older, then the dog might find it difficult to be relaxed around strange people or other dogs. It’s advised to let children in the household handle the animal with some frequency. They should be gentle and never scold or speak harshly to their pet puppy.

By firmly holding, and resisting the temptation to let go of the pup when it squirms to be released, can help to minimize aggression and dominant behavior in later years. Once they get a bit older, normally some dogs will begin to bark at strangers as a way of guarding the family and it’s property. It is during this time that some dogs may begin to show objectionable or aggressive behavior as well.

While dogs in general are loving pets to their owners, some may display a natural urge to be aggressive. This can be overcome by making the animal aware that this is a problem. Even if your dog isn’t naturally aggressive, having dog liability insurance is a real responsibility and can save you grief if you are ever sued.