Protecting Your Water Filtration Business

Every business has to consider its risk profile and the types of insurance necessary to protect against any claims. For water filtration companies, there are specific coverages available.

Companies Who Benefit From Water Filtration Coverage

Any company that classifies itself as a part of the water filtration, softening & purification industry requires filtration coverage. This includes companies who offer:

  •         Water filter installation
  •         UV and reverse osmosis installation
  •         Water softening installation
  •         Water purification
  •         Water softening

Standard insurance policies do not cover all of the different risks that you face in the water filtration industry.

Risk Exposures in the Water Filtration Industry

Insurance solutions for the water filtration industry are designed to cover your unique risks. These risks might include slips and falls on wet floors or property damage. Additionally, some policies can cover water leaks or contaminants such as lead, bacteria, mold or radon.

On one hand, you do need standard general liability insurance, but you may also require completed operations liability, products liability and pollution liability. When accidents do happen, the damages can result in expensive fines and cleanup. You may need excessive liability coverage that can cover $10,000,000.

When it comes to your water filtration business, you need to have adequate water filtration business liability insurance. Without customized policies, a claim against your company could be devastating.