hired non owned auto insurance

Protecting Temporary Staff Members on the Move

In some cases, protecting your temporary employees you send to other businesses can be a challenge. This is especially true of these employees are required to drive a vehicle that’s not owned by your business in order to get their job done. Whether they vehicle they’re driving is their own or they’re using one provided by the business customer they’ve gone to work for, you need to ensure you have hired non owned auto insurance to keep them covered in the event of an accident. This coverage can help you in several ways, such as:

  • Providing financial coverage to both your employee and the client in question if an accident happens to occur on the premises or using one of their cars. The cars themselves may not be covered, however, so they should still be insured with auto coverage.
  • Offering financial assistance with medical bills if bodily harm is caused during an accident that happens on company time.
  • May provide coverage when employees have rented a car in order to take care of business. There are conditions to this coverage, and rental insurance should still be taken out in order to ensure full compensation in the event that an accident does occur.

Each of these benefits highlight how hired non owned auto insurance can help you keep your temporary employees safe while they handle the job at hand and make your staffing agency look excellent to your business clients.