Cargo liability programs

Protect Your Supply Chain With Cargo Insurance Solutions

If your company uses cargo transportation as part of your local or global supply chain, you may want to consider customized insurance solutions. Cargo liability programs can help logistics service providers as well as companies with complex supply chains. There are numerous types of insurance available to meet coverage requirements.

Types of Cargo Insurance

The best way to find the right policy for your business is to work with an insurance expert. Some of the available insurance programs include:

  • Worldwide marine cargo to cover goods against physical loss and damage
  • Stock Throughput policies, combining cargo, warehouse, catastrophic peril, business income, and contingency insurance
  • Project cargo for oversize and high-value items
  • Transportation legal liability programs, including motor truck cargo, legal liability, warehouse liability, packers’ liability, and FDA re-inspection fee coverage
  • Warehouse/Bailee legal liability for coverage of cargo loss and damage during custody or control

Finding the Right Policy

Cargo liability programs can be extremely complex and must be tailored for your business to ensure the right amount and type of coverage. In many situations, the policy must cover distinct nuances of various risks, including legal liability, cargo damage or loss, and protection in the event of a natural disaster. When you work with an insurance expert, you can get help creating a policy that meets your needs and provides the right right kind of protection while respecting your company’s budget requirements.