Errors and omissions insurance California

Protect Your Business with E&O Insurance

If you run a business, you probably already know how easily mistakes can happen. That delightfully human element that makes clients comfortable and companies great places to work is the same element that leaves room for errors. When mistakes do happen, the right insurance policy can help protect your business and keep things running as usual. If you’re looking for errors and omissions insurance in California, here are the basics you may need to know.

Whether negligent action occurred or your client claims you’ve gone your job incorrectly, errors and omissions (E&O) insurance can cover your legal and judgment costs according to your coverage. The amount of coverage needed can be a tricky area. Different types of businesses have different risks, which is why selecting an agent that is familiar with your line of work can be the difference between peace of mind and disaster. An experienced agent can assess your business and daily operations so that you have the coverage you need in a policy that fits your budget.

You may not think you need errors and omissions insurance in California, but if you serve clients and are paid for those services, there’s a chance you could need the coverage. By working with the right agent, the process of selecting a policy can be quick and efficient, letting you get back to running your company.