Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for Police Officers

Unlike most of the working population, police officers regularly put their lives on the line. Because of this element of danger, health & wellness plans for police departments are crucial in caring for those who risk their lives to protect others. Having a physical and mental wellness program in place is one way to help officers cope with job-related stress.
Physical Health
Encouraging physical health has been proven to promote officer safety and well-being by:
• Combating low energy levels and fatigue through exercise and healthy diets
• Reducing on-the-job accidents and contributing to fewer sick days
• Improving morale and camaraderie between co-workers
Mental Health
Emotional wellbeing must be addressed because of the high stress and potential trauma associated with law enforcement. Having a robust mental health program can facilitate overall wellness by:
• Addressing job-related trauma occurring in the line of duty by providing counseling
• Improving relations between departments and employees
• Reducing turnover by eliminating job dissatisfaction
Stress at work can be a very real struggle, but the majority of careers do not involve regular threats to personal safety. Functioning in the high-risk atmosphere of law enforcement, however, can be conducive to increased stress levels and job-related fatigue. By promoting healthy lifestyles for employees, police departments can facilitate the overall health of their organizations while serving the needs of their communities.