Professional Liability Coverage for Police and Firefighters

In a litigious atmosphere, the best way to protect yourself against liability hazards is to buy insurance that suits your exposure. That’s why homeowners carry personal liability and not just property protection. It’s also why doctors carry malpractice insurance. Professional liability coverage isn’t just for doctors, though. In fact, it’s available for many professions, and it’s vital for the departments, businesses, and other organizations that employ those professionals to cover them against that professional liability.

Who Needs Coverage?

While independent contractors may be contractually obligated to cover certain risks themselves, employees acting on behalf of a public safety department typically transfer that liability to the department. That makes coverage vital to the interests of the department, and the right coverage will protect both your organization and your people. Police and fire department liability insurance covers basic professional risks, including:

  • Vicarious liability as defined by recent court rulings
  • Bad faith actions by subordinates
  • Illegal actions by subordinates
  • Mistakes and failures of judgment that expose the department to liability
  • Court costs associated with defense when suits arise

There are always policy limits, but those can be negotiated to suit the needs of your organization. It’s just a matter of finding the right insurer for your department, one who can provide the policy limits that you need. If you aren’t sure how to define those needs, the best thing to do is to talk to an insurance professional about the size of your organization and the services it provides.