Recreational marine programs

Marine Insurance Covers a Variety of Accidents

Fun in the sun is the goal of many a boater. Cutting through waves and wind is a delightful experience that many enjoy, which is why there are a variety of recreational marine programs wherever large bodies of water are found. It’s important that these programs have the proper insurance to protect themselves during accidents like these:

Boat-On-Boat Accidents

Just like with cars on the road, once there’s more than one boat on a lake, there’s the possibility of a vehicle collision. For collisions large and small, insurance is an important way to prevent costs from piling up.

Docking Accidents

Not everyone is a docking expert and sometimes there are accidents. Proper safety protocols at various recreational marine programs can limit these, but rarely prevent them entirely. Insurance coverage means docking accidents won’t cost everyone involved an arm and a leg.

Skiing Accidents

Water skiing is an exciting and adrenalin-pumping activity. Part of that rush comes from the perceived danger; danger that can become real due to an accident or mistake. Recreational marine programs that include skiing will need insurance to cover such possibilities.

An accident doesn’t have to be the end of a fun water trip. With proper coverage, and after everyone has checked out medically, the fun can carry on. If you’re in charge of or participate in some fun water recreation programs, make sure you have the right insurance.