Jobsite Safety amid

Managing Jobsite Safety amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for construction job site managers. It is important to take special precautions to keep workers safe on every type of site, including those in open-air environments with relatively few workers.

Worker Interactions

Project managers have needed to create new protocols concerning COVID-19 and construction sites, starting with job site meetings. When staff interacts, they need to maintain physical distance and avoid congregating in confined spaces. It’s essential that staff wear masks during meeting times and throughout their workday.

Wellness Check-Ins

It may be advisable to individually screen workers before they enter a job site each day. A supervisor can use a touch less thermometer to ensure that workers are not running a fever.


If a job site doesn’t have a place for staff to wash their hands, it may be necessary to install temporary hand washing stations. Making hand sanitizers available to workers may also help prevent the transmission of germs on surfaces.

It’s important to observe safety guidelines pertaining to distancing and hygiene during all phases of a project, and it is helpful to assign supervisory responsibility to one or more key staff members. Safety initiatives will help everyone on site to be more conscientious about taking steps to stay healthy. Workers will have peace of mind in knowing that their safety is a priority.