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Maintaining a Yacht

One of the classic signs of having made it is owning a yacht. They are truly luxury items and you need a sizeable income to own one. The expense goes well beyond the price tag. Just like cars or any other vehicle, yachts require regular maintenance. 

Regular Engine Service

Yacht maintenance begins with an annual servicing of the engine. This includes the transmission and generator. Regular service will keep these essential systems running at their best.

Fuel System

The fuel system should also be serviced once a year. Corrosion is common, especially in saltwater boats. All filters should be replaced and it’s a good idea to drain the tank and check it for sediments. The fuel lines should also be cleaned and replaced if needed.


A yacht should be thoroughly cleaned a least once a month, but to keep it looking its best, every two weeks is preferred. The hull should be scrubbed, removing bird droppings and barnacles if they have accumulated. Upholstery should be cleaned and wood, metal, and glass cleaned and shined. A clean boat helps build a sense of pride and it will also last longer.

To own a yacht is quite an accomplishment. Protect your investment by keeping up with regular maintenance and cleaning. Sail your yacht with pride.