A Lot of Blah, Blah Can Add Up to Blasphemy!

In the last 20 years or so, pundits have slowly taken over the airwaves – those giving their “expert” opinions on a wide variety of subjects, particularly when it comes to politics and religion. They may be liberals (to the left), conservatives (to the right), middle of the road (very few), and even to take to more extremes of either side of the spectrum. Some of them are indeed very knowledgeable, well versed on the subject or issue at hand, while others are here to provoke, to influence, and to entertain and get their ratings up.

Some on the airwaves – on television, radio and online – and in print come out with statements that make you stop and think, “What?” “Is that true?” “Did they really say that?” But as a free country with freedom of speech and religion as part of our fundamental values and rights people can say what they want for the most part…even when they stretch the truth. But what about when it’s blasphemy?

First, what is blasphemy? Blasphemy is the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk. It can also be defined as the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for a religious deity, irreverence towards religious or holy persons or things, or toward something considered sacred or inviolable.

Based on this definition, are shows such as “Real Time with Bill Maher”, which features a panel of guests (“pundits”) discussing topics revolving around politics, social issues and religion, blasphemous when Bill (the host) and others say there is no God? When Bill makes fun of those who do believe in a God and uses examples of scripture he finds ridiculous, is he committing blasphemy? Or are his statements an integral right of freedom speech and shouldn’t be labeled as such? Or is just entertainment?

Food for thought when listening to all the blah, blah coming from our airwaves.