cargo coverage

Liability Insurance for Truckers

Operating a commercial vehicle for the purposes of transporting goods comes with liabilities some might never consider. While the primary goal is the driver and cargo to arrive safety, there are many potential incidents that can interfere with successful job completion. Take a moment to consider what kind of cargo coverage insurance you need.

Cargo Liability

Even if you are confident that your driver’s and employees are of the highest quality, your company might be facing liability charges if the goods arrive at the destination damaged. There are only a few instances where the carrier

  • An act of the original shipper
  • An act of God (weather-related)
  • An act by a public authority
  • The overall composition or nature of the goods

Even if the damage done to a product seems minor, the costs involved with settling a claim, paying damages, replacing items, losing contracts and potential legal fees can be devastating to your company. The right cargo coverage will be an insurance policy that addresses the specific nature of your transport services and the types of load you carry.

There are federal regulations concerning transport/trucking insurance, but the required coverage is not enough to protect from all liability. Speak to an agent concerning your risk and how to minimize your liability through a comprehensive insurance plan.