Lawyers and Lawsuits

Lawyers and Lawsuits: Can You Be Sued?

As a lawyer, you are probably used to being the one to file lawsuits on behalf of your clients. What do you do when you are faced with one? Lawyers can face lawsuits and without attorney professional liability insurance, they can wind up with expensive defense and court costs. Not to mention, if they lose, they have to pay the settlement without help from liability insurance.

Why do clients sue their lawyers? Many times clients file a lawsuit because they lose a case and then claim negligence on behalf of the lawyer. Here are two other reasons clients file lawsuits.

Missing Deadlines

Deadlines are important. Most lawyers know that they have to pay close attention to the calendar to ensure that all of their cases are filed by the proper deadline. If you miss a deadline, the entire case could be thrown out and your client would be looking to hold you accountable.

Document Errors

Administrative errors sometimes occur in law offices. Lost paperwork is one of the most common reasons clients sue. If the case does not go as expected or if you lose any paperwork or documents, a client could file a lawsuit.

Without attorney professional liability insurance, lawyers could have to pay outrageous fees to defend themselves. Then, if they lose the case, they still have to pay the settlement. Liability insurance can help pay these costs.