workers’ comp insurance

Keeping the Worksite Safe

Employers promote safe workplaces for a variety of reasons. Not only does a safe worksite keep employees happier and healthier, it typically allows businesses to save money on workers’ comp insurance. As such, smart business owners frequently strive to minimize job risks and dangers.


To keep employees safe, business executives must promote a culture of safety. To accomplish this, employers use the following strategies:

  • Educate on Safety Techniques
  • Post Warnings and Cautions
  • Train on Policies and Procedures

By promoting risk management from the top down, business leaders encourage employees to err on the side of safety.


Like culture, accountability is critical in mitigating workplace risk. Often, as employees become increasingly comfortable at work, safety falls by the wayside. Nonetheless, it is vital for all employees to understand that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Accordingly, be sure you reward safety compliance and punish behaviors that cut corners.


Purchasing safety equipment and offering employee training might seem like unnecessary expenses, but they aren’t. Not only is safety typically cheaper than injuries, but employers often save money on their workers’ comp insurance premiums by demonstrating compliance with a safety program.

To keep employees safe, business managers must commit to lowering worksite risks. By making every employee a virtual safety manager, companies can keep employees healthy and costs low.