entertainment insurance

Insuring a Successful Event

When considering the success of a live show, party, music concert, sporting event or another form of entertainment, many simply think of the profit received, the quality of the production and the experience of all who attended. However, greater consideration should be the safety and health of all those who appeared and participated. To tackle the liabilities and exposures that can potentially disrupt a successful event, consider the need for entertainment insurance.

The entertainment industry is diverse in both size, construction, activity, location and equipment. From media needs with technology, film and production companies, to musical venues who offer various artists in different locations or sporting events with food, liquor and activities concerns, the need for a specialized policy is clear to fully protect businesses.

While the individual business will need to find a policy that is acquainted and experienced in the unique challenges presented by their industry, a strong policy of entertainment insurance will include the following elements of general coverage:

  • General liability that included liquor and food concerns
  • Vehicle coverage either individually or as a fleet
  • Crime coverage either theft, vandalism or bodily harm
  • International professional liability coverage that incorporates a wide range of entertainment-related business and addresses errors and omissions
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Workers’ compensation coverages

Your entertainment insurance agent will be able to inform you of the best possible options for your business.