Insurance Tips for Young Adults

It seems like the majority of your young life is spent anticipating adulthood, so you can make your own decisions. That is until you become an adult and have to make your own decisions. Deciding on insurance types and policies can be an intimidating and daunting task. You may already be paying for your car insurance. As a young adult, it won’t be long before you will be considering health, homeowners and life insurance as well.


Insurance is a necessary component of life. It acts as a safety net in the event that the unexpected occurs. Here are some tips on how to approach purchasing policies without spending a ton.

  • Employer-provided – Depending on your job situation, your employer may offer health insurance. Taking advantage of these programs usually saves you money. Insurance through work is typically cheaper than purchasing a policy on your own.
  • Shop around – Compare rates. Don’t limit yourself to the big names. Check the rates of independent insurance agents of CT. They may be able to give more one on one advice.
  • Discounts – Always ask about discounts before settling on a policy. You might be eligible for a reduced rate.
  • Deductibles – Try to keep your deductibles as high as possible. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums. Don’t get carried away. You want to actually be able to afford it.

Being an adult can be hard. You have to make difficult decisions constantly. Seek out independent insurance agents of CT to talk about your insurance needs.