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Insurance Protection for Social Workers

Insurance Protection for Social Workers

Working in the social services industry is a rewarding career, but it can also come with certain legal risks. Social services professional liability insurance provides coverage to individuals in the event of lawsuits or court trials.

Common Insurance Claims

As a social worker, there are common lawsuits that are filed. These include both negligence and malpractice. Many social service companies have insurance coverage, but this does not always adequately protect employees. As such, employers sometimes require potential employees to obtain individual professional liability before gaining employment.

Professional liability coverage can mitigate the risks involved in this career, especially the ones not covered by an employer or business. Many social workers are given subpoenas to testify for court trials or respond to lawsuit claims. Professional liability offers coverage for both lawsuits and criminal cases. The main areas this type of insurance covers individuals are:

Ethical misconduct

Protecting Your Career

In the social services industry, a malpractice or other kind of lawsuit can postpone or even derail your career. That’s why social services professional liability insurance is so important. It provides an added layer of protection in the event you are asked to testify, or a client files a lawsuit against you. An insurance agent can adequately assess your career and develop a plan to provide this protection.