antique classic car insurance

Insurance for Car Enthusiasts

Insurance for Car Enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts know the special care and appreciation that goes into this hobby and lifestyle. Antique classic car insurance can provide the unique kind of insurance coverage needed to protect and take care of your restorations or collectibles.

Coverage for Your Needs

Not every classic or collectible car needs the same insurance, which is why there is a range of policies and coverage options to choose from. An insurance agent analyzes your vehicle and how you use it to determine the type of coverage you need. Some options to choose from including the following:

Comprehensive coverage

Towing insurance

Medical reimbursement coverage

Vehicle accessory coverage

Parts coverage

Tools and storage coverage

You should understand that the manner in which you use your classic car determines the type and limit of coverage you can receive. For example, letting other drivers handle your vehicle requires different coverage than showing your car at an event.

The Right Policy for Your Vehicle

Whether you drive a classic VW bus, race a muscle car fit to tear up the roads or showcase a limited edition classic, there’s an antique classic car insurance policy that can help keep your vehicle safe. Working with an insurance provider that understands your concerns and lifestyle can mean the difference between a policy that barely provides basic coverage and one that covers your vehicle from head to tail.